Embark on an inspirational journey with Bolo
along the stunning coast of the Dampier Peninsula

Join Bardi – Jawi man Bolo Angus and his family on an inspirational journey through his traditional country on the Dampier Peninsula at Lullumb. Learn about Bardi Jawi culture and experience hunting and gathering techniques passed down through the generations. Walk  through mangroves, paperbark forests, salt plains, creeks and drink from a sacred freshwater spring.

Let Bardi-Jawi man Bolo Angus share the
secrets of his ancestral homeland at Lullumb.

Learn how to find freshwater,
how to build a shelter and how
to survive in the bush.
Forage for crabs, fish and
oysters and enjoy over an
open fire on the beach.
Join Bolo Angus on a
fascinating journey through
his traditional country.
Fishing, hunting or cultural
experiences, let us create a
coastal safari for you.